Holiday Clinics

Full day and half day clinics are run on specified dates during the NSW school holidays. These clinics are available for ages 5 and up. Students are divided into small groups according to the rider's age and experience level.


Full Day Clinic (6 hours) - For Intermediate Riders

This programme is also evenly divided between riding and learning horsemanship skills, but it is aimed at intermediate riders who can ride independently, control their horse, and rise to the trot without assistance.

The programme goes more in-depth and covers a wider variety of skills and techniques.

Half Day (3 hours) or Full  Day (6 hours) Clinic - For Beginners

This programme is evenly divided between riding and learning horsemanship skills. The riding portion of this programme focuses on learning control whilst playing games.


 The horsemanship skills portion is used to educate riders on how to saddle and care for the horse. This programme caters for the very beginner or littlies, with plenty of handlers to offer assistance. The emphasis is on being safe, learning the basics and having loads of fun!

Full Day Clinic
Half Day Clinic

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